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Designer : Takafumi Inuzuka

After graduating Tokyo Metropolitan University Physics course, he plunged into the unknown world, art and design. He learned professional jewellery making technique at Hiko Mizuno jewellery college in two years. After a one year preparation period, he entered BA Jewellery Design course at London University Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design.
He grew his creative design skills without being bound by jewellery category. After graduation, he developed his skills as professional jewellery designer & maker through the work with young spirited designers and leading designers like Vivienne Westwood, Hussein Chalayan, Shaun Leane etc.
After returning to Japan, he launched his brand, "uni-t design" with theme "Jewellery as witty and sophisticated amusement"


WIRED presents Creative Hack Award --- Winner of Product Category
Design innovation award --- Winner of Emerging designer
ITS#7 Accessory --- Finalis

Professional Experience

- London -

Borba Margo
Borba Margo
Emma Roach
Hand and head piece making for Kylie Minogue
Erickson Beamon
Production (Costume jewellery using Swarovski crystal)
Show jewellery making for Dories Van Noten Spring/Summer 2005
Hussein Chalayan
Fake Stones making by resin etc. for Autumn/Winter 2008-9
Rubber parts making for Autumn/Winter 2009-10
Mark Fast
Original resin beads making for Autumn/Winter 2009-10
Jewellery sample making and repair
Shaun Leane
Production - soldering, cleaning etc.
Vivienne Westwood
Sho-accessories making